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Under His Roof


The LORD is my Creator
And I worship Him
There can be none greater
Under His Roof

His Spirit is my Keeper
Forever Free with Love
And JESUS is no sleeper
Under His Roof

He has given me many mansions
But not by my works
Through Christ divine expansions
Under His Roof

I became His righteousness
When He became my sin
And now I am His witness
Under His Roof
Lawrence Tucker
Copyright ©2008 Lawrence Tucker


The Christ Root

To All Believers


The Christ Root is
Established in the eye of our core
Curing our innermost being
Through His divine love in our hearts
Revealing the enlightening news of His divine favor
Confirming we are freed indeed
Beyond the deceptive greed
Which tried and treed
Christ the Righteous Seed
Now we are justified in Him
Therefore never denied by Him
Because of His compassion
God created us after His fashion
In this world full of pretenses
Christ Root transcends carnal senses
Manifesting His delightful fruit
Knowing Christ Himself empowered to impute
Living hope for our hearts to embrace His light
And rejoice in His mercy translated upright

L E Tucker
Copyright ©2008 LarryTucker

This Kind Of Friend


God is Free
Beyond opinion and philosophy

God is Love
Holy and Faithful above

How can we comprehend
This Kind Of Friend?

Lawrence Tucker
Copyright ©2008 Lawrence Tucker