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"We Rest In JESUS"


HE gave HIS Righteousness
With all HIS Peace
And imputed HIS Joy
For us to increase
“We Rest In JESUS”

We are HIS Creation
In JESUS made new
Heirs of Great Salvation
Because GOD is True
“We Rest In JESUS”

We have this Treasure
The Great High Priest
Mercy with out measure
Unto the very least
“We Rest In JESUS”

JESUS keeps evil away
As only GOD could
The BLESSING keeps working
Because CHRIST is Good
“We Rest In JESUS”

Now we do believe
Now we do pray
Now we do receive
Now we do obey
“We Rest In JESUS”
CHRIST Divine Direct Effect
JESUS LORD of hosts
Love is the Root
In the Holy Ghost
“We Rest In JESUS”

© Copyright 2012 Lawrence E. Tucker